Steel Heddle Reeds

For more than 100 years Steel Heddle has been providing a full range of top quality weaving accessory products for the global textile industry.

The Steel Heddle tradition continues into the future as a member of the Groz-Beckert group of companies. With its location in the heart of the US textile industry, Steel Heddle Reeds LLC (SHR) is positioned to provide an optimum level of service to both the domestic and international markets.

Utilizing high quality raw materials in combination with unequalled associate experience, SHR delivers products that accommodate any application requirement.

Our History

Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company Inc. was founded in Philadephia, PA in 1898 by Swiss immigrants with an initial manufacturing program limited to flat steel healds.

The product mix expanded to include the production of heald frames, reeds and warp preparation equipment. Before the Philadelphia operation was closed in the mid-1960’s,

Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company Inc established a subsidiary in Greenville, SC in 1947.

Following periods of ownership by several entities beginning in 1983, the remaining company, Steel Heddle Inc. was acquired by Groz-Beckert in 2011 and began operations as Steel Heddle Reeds LLC.

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