Excellence in Weaving Reeds and Warp Preparation Equipment Since 1898

SHR produces a complete range of flat reeds and channel reeds for all types of weaving machines. According to application, flat reeds are epoxy-bound or solder-bound, while channel reeds are exclusively epoxy-bound.

Our warp preparation equipment product line includes: leasing reeds; hook reeds; expansion combs; and pin combs that are specifically tailored for use requirements. SHR produces both riderless and slider leno healds of steel that are specifically designed for use on previous generations of Steel Heddle leno frames.

We continue to offer a limited assortment of synthetic components for Steel Heddle frames, including: lateral supports; leno yokes; distance pieces; and end pieces. For a wide range of yarn tensioning requirements, SHR produces two executions of our Universal Tension Control (UTC) device.

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