steel heddle reeds

Warp Preparation

To facilitate exact yarn guidance for optimized beam quality, Steel Heddle offers a complete range of warp preparation products including: hook reeds; leasing reeds; metal sizing reeds; positive expansion combs; spring expansion combs; conventional comb sections; interlocking comb sections; saw-tooth comb sections; lug style comb sections; locked-in comb sections; round wire pin combs; and flat wire pins combs.

Each product is designed and produced according to specific application requirements in beaming, warping, and slashing operations.

steel heddle reeds

Expansion Comb Boxes

Positive and spring expansion combs are designed to operate with a specific width range to insure equidistant pin spacing.

Hook Reeds

Hook reeds are designed for leasing in beaming and slashing operations and are available in either a “single hook” or a “double hook” configuration.

steel heddle reeds


Round wire pin combs and flat wire pin combs provide fixed position yarn guidance in warping operations. Comb sections are specifically designed for use in combination with positive expansion combs.

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